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A Town of Many Names

A town of many names, Williamsburg was referred to by Indians as Spring Ford due to the nearby Ford that crossed the Cumberland River and three nearby fresh water springs. The city was formed in 1818 due to the efforts of Samuel Cox who donated the land for the courthouse and sold lots for the town's formation. Williamsburg was also known as Whitley Courthouse and Cox's Crossing. the present name was given to honor the famous Indian fighter and pioneer, William Whitley, who the county is also named after..


Williamsburg Depot

"Over A 100 Years of History"


Depot for web

Williamsburg Depot

Turn of the Century

Depot new


Depot 2008


Williamsburg began to flourish when the Lebanon-Knoxville branch of the Louisville and Nashville railroad was completed to Jellico, Tennessee, and the Southern Railway had completed its branch from Knoxville to Jellico in 1883. The completion of the railway lines saw an abundance of growth in the local businesses causing and influx of people. Williamsburg entered into a period of rapid growth. During this period of time, the main part of town was near the Depot which was located on Fifth Street, near where First Baptist Church now stands. In 1905, the Depot was moved to its present location on Main Street.


Downtown Williamsburg

"Through the Years"




Downtown Williamsburg

Early 1900's


West Main


West On Main

East Main


East On Main


Downtown s


East on Main



downtown s

East on Main



East on Main 2008


Whitley County Court House


Old Whitley County Courthouse
Court House


WC County


Historic Homes of Williamsburg


Old Home

Dr. Moss House

Cumberland Avenue

A  T

A. T. Siler House

Ridge Avenue

Perkins House

Perkins House

Main Street


Gatliff House

Gatliff House

Main Street


N. A. Archer's House

Main Street

Dr Finleys

Dr. Finley's House

Sycamore Street


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