Old Fashioned Trading Days

OFTD CrowdOld Fashioned Trading Days, held every September, transforms the lawn of Courthouse Square into a town of its own.   This beloved celebration accurately reflects our Kentucky heritage, specifically our Appalachian heritage. The festival functions as an educational springboard for area students as well as a stage for local artists wishing to exhibit their talents.  The artists who setup at Old Fashioned Trading Days find it easy to sell themselves to a multitude of interested  patrons - all while gaining much publicity.

However, local artists aren't the only ones who benefit from the celebration.  The entire town prospers from an influx of visitors from neighboring towns and regions who find their way into locally owned shops along Main Street. There’s fun to be had at Old Fashioned Trading Days in Williamsburg.  Bluegrass bands and Gospel ensembles gather to entertain the masses while masses of funnel cakes, polish sausages, pulled pork and barbeque sandwiches more than please the crowd. 

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